Top Cheap Dell Laptops 2014

Dell_LogoFinding a laptop that’s both suitable and affordable can be difficult. Dell happens to offer quality laptops at a more than reasonable price. These computers might not have the amenities of an expensive HP or MacBook, but if you’d like a suitable computer that won’t sap your next paycheck or life savings, Dell is the way to go. I’ll discuss their cheapest laptops and their prices, but keep in mind the costs shown are set before tax is included.

Top Cheap Dell Laptops 2014:

The best Dell laptops that are more than affordable are those of the Inspiron 3000 series. I’ll be reviewing the basic configurations of these laptops, which means it’s possible to buy slightly better versions but you’ll pay more money.I’ll discuss those versions later. In 2014 Dell has three types of Inspiron 3000, all of which operate on Windows 8.1, have an Intel Processor, and cost under $550. The least expensive of the 3000 series is the Inspiron 15. This laptop has a 15.6” HD screen, perfect for watching new TV shows and movies. The screen size and HD capabilities are for a price as low as $229.99 making this laptop worth a reasonable expenditure.
If you’re willing to spend a little more cash, another edition of 3000 series is the Inspiron 15 with a touch screen and DVD player. If you have a large DVD collection and enjoy the convenience of tapping to open applications you should look into this laptop. It also is capable of burning DVD’s, which means spending $379.99 is worth your while.
The final installment of the 3000 series I’ll be discussing is the Inspiron 11 2-in-1 laptop and tablet. This device stands out from the rest because it’s capable of transforming from laptop to tablet, and has touch screen capabilities. It’s thin and lightweight if you plan on traveling with your computer. The Inspiron 11 has more than modes of use though. It’s modes are laptop mode, tablet mode, tent mode and tablet stand mode. The first two modes listed are self explanatory, but the other two might sound a little more stange. Tablet stand mode is the reverse of laptop mode, meaning the computer rests on its keys and you can watch movies or tv shows or select songs without needing to type. Tent mode isn’t too different but occupies a smaller space on your desk because the laptop is lying on the borders of its screen and keyboard, creating an A-frame like a tent. This model’s screen might not be as big as either of the Inspiron 15 laptops, but its portability and multiple modes means its final price of $399.99 is worth it if you plan on using your laptop in a variety of ways.
As far as tasks go the Inspiron 11 is the best bet. It has a quad core processor that the other two lack, which means it’s capable of running many applications simultaneously without freezing up. Both variations of the Inspiron 15 are great for performing single tasks, but multitasking is more suited to the Inspiron 11. Regardless of multitasking capabilities any of these laptops are great for their price. As I said before this information pertains to the most basic configuration these computers. Each of them comes with different configurations that will off better versions for a slight increase in price. For instance, the Inspiron 15 that doesn’t include DVD playing and touchscreen capabilities is also for sale with a quad core processor, but the price is raised to $349.99 or more. The most expensive laptop of the Inspiron 3000 series is the Inspiron 11 with a more powerful processor that ends up costing $549.99.
Those are the top rated, cheap, Dell laptops of 2014. My personal recommendation is a configuration of the Inspiron 11. However, if you aren’t bothered by a slightly heavier laptop and feel no need have one that transforms into a tablet then the Inspiron 15 will do a great job. I would recommend buying a configuration with a better processor than its most basic version. The best (therefore most expensive) version of the Inspiron 15 costs only $479.99, and is DVD and touchscreen capable.

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