What Should I Carry My Laptop In?

laptop-bag-styleIf you are from the ‘don’t buy it unless it’s absolutely necessary’ crowd, or the ‘make it do or do without’ association’ it can be tempting to completely overlook the need for a bag or backpack dedicated to carrying your laptop. After all, a couple doubled up plastic shopping bags will serve the purpose adequately, won’t they? However this is more likely a matter of saving a little and risking a lot. Top student laptop bags aren’t that expensive, but they are going to be protecting something that probably was very expensive, your laptop.

Except for your books, your lap top may well be the most important investment that you have put into your education. You bought a laptop, as opposed to a desktop computer, primarily because of its portability. If you don’t have something to carry it in you could easily drop it. A laptop bag will also help protect it from the weather. There are many different styles to choose from including:

  • Backpacks. These look just like a normal backpack but have a pocket set aside for
    carrying your laptop. The advantages of a backpack are that your hands are free and
    you can also carry books and other items.
  • Book bag.┬áThese are meant to be carried over the shoulder by means of a strap or
    by hand. They are simple and functional. You will have room for other items beside
    your lap top.
  • Tote. This is the name we assigning to those laptop bags designed to carry only a
    laptop. Usually they will have a shoulder strap as well as handles, just like a book bag
    style lap top bag.
  • Briefcase style. These will be made of leather or some similarly sturdy material. Besides
    having a professional look, they offer extra protection for your laptop.

The more you know about your schedule and classes the more likely you will be to pick one of the top student laptop bags in a design and style that will fit your needs. If you are going to be leaving your dormroom in the morning and don’t expect to be back until the end of the day a backpack may be the way to go. On the other hand, if your textbooks aren’t required in class a simple tote may be all that is needed. This is even more likely to be so if you will be returning to your room frequently.

Finding a good quality laptop bag for school should be a fun experience. Yes, the purpose in buying one is primarily functional, that is you want it to protect your laptop. On the other hand it is something that is right out in the open for all the world to see, just like your clothing, hairstyle, and general demeanor. It’s something that can say “this is me” if you want it to say that. Or if you don’t care about that sort of thing, just get the laptop bag that best fits your criteria for function within your price range.

Price will probably not be an issue anyway. You can spend over $100 on a laptop bag but its also possible to get a good one for much much less.

The Tucano Lato Backpack and the Hex Laptop Duffel were two of the many laptop bags featured on line that caught the eye. The Tucano Lato was appealing because it could carry a fairly large laptop. It also had a port for an earphone cord. Other products have these features as well, so check it all out. The Hex Laptop Duffel just looked sharp. You might not think so though, something else might appeal to you more. So happy researching happy shopping.